EzVoice is full-featured answering machine software with voice mail support. It captures caller id, and allows you to pre-screen and block unwanted calls or telemarketers. Its built-in address book let you customize greetings for all your friends, relatives or co-workers. Moreover, it will notify you of new calls or voice messages through emails to your pagers or cellular phones. If you own a business, you can set up to 10 voice mailboxes in EzVoice, which enable you to announce product, price or other related information in separate mail boxes. This will greatly improve your business images. Additionally, you can attach memos or notes to your phone messages. With built-in search tool, you can retrieve and find these messages quickly. EzVoice further provides other useful features such as visual and audio alert upon new calls, password protected remote retrieval, unlimited recording length and so on. Download it now to find out more. EzVoice is feature-rich, and yet easy-to-use. It comes with automatic hardware detection as well as auto-configuration. Its design has borrowed some up-to-date techniques from the latest researches in human computer interactions. Most of the users have reported that they can start running EzVoice to answer their phone calls within one to five minutes after downloading. EzVoice is licensed as shareware, the cost of the registered version is $26.80 and full download size is 2.17 MB. You can download a free version of EzVoice by following download link at Free Downloads section of this page. EzVoice is developed or distributed by Internet Soft Solution and is listed under business & finance, applications business & finance, application business & finance, telephony business applications business application business telephony internet, communication and chat internet, communication.

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EzVoice is an answering machine software program. It features caller id support, 10 voice mailboxes, call blocking, built-in address book, customized greeting, call screening, email notification, visual and audio alert, and more. Download it now!

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 Publisher: Internet Soft Solution
 Cost: $26.80
 License Type: Shareware
 File Size: 2.17 MB
 Release Date: 2/23/2005
 Platforms: Win95, Win98, WinME, XP, Windows 2000, Windows 2003

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